70 years Young: The Outstanding Carer Jean Tew

The 2018 Prosper Awards are set to commemorate and recognise the very best of Essex’s care sector. One of the more prestigious categories, Outstanding Carer, were given to the most ambitious, devoted and selfless carers who put their vocation before themselves . One of which was Mother of 2, Grandmother of 4 and carer of many Jean Tew. I spoke to Jean to find out more about what the award means to her. 

Jean at the awards ceremony, Chelmsford Racecourse

Jean works for Civicare East which offers home-based care for those of ill health. She was nominated by staff at Civicare for the award where each had to write a small paragraph as to why Jean should be the winner. After nominations were completed and judged, Jean went to the next stage as she was shortlisted for the award above. To add to it all, she had no idea of what her colleagues had done and one day the phone rang: 

I got a call from work saying “Jean are you busy we need you in the office right now” and I kept thinking oh god what have I done wrong?”

Jean Tew

Expecting a telling off, bad news or even worse, Jean got to the offices to be given a black and gold envelope with the news she had been selected as one of the finalists for Outstanding Carer 2018. 

The awards evening was at Chelmsford Racecourse which Jean described as “absolutely beautiful” with hundreds of people eager to hear the results. Jean didn’t go expecting to win, but instead was just happy to finally be recognised for her work, and told me that she “didn’t realise the girls took notice of what I did do instead of what I didn’t do”. 

It was unbelievable to think think that they recognise me at this age

Jean Tew

Jean is thrilled to have won. She displays her trophy proud to be one of Essex’s leading carers. They say age is just a number and she proves this by still going the extra mile for the people that need it the most. 

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