Vienna Showreel

It will come as no surprise that video shooting and editing are my passions, and I love how creative I can be while still being able to tell just as captivating stories as written work. I think about video wherever I go and as it becomes more and more of a career opportunity, the more serious I take it. This video was the inspiration for my post describing my struggles to create a travel film and go on holiday. I have already discussed in my previous post about how I felt like the film suffered because of social time and social time suffered because of the film. This post follows that, as well as proof of why holiday film-making isn’t the same as travel film-making.

I wanted this video to be brilliant. The intimate markets, winter vibes and dazzling fireworks, I had a strong idea of how all this would look and was really excited to create this video. Unfortunately the video wasn’t as “wow” as I had hoped, but because of this I think it will improve my filmmaking for the better.

There have been many junction points that have led me to have a camera in my hand, while the vast majority may be minor they have helped shape my path indefinitely and put me where I am today. I feel that this video from Vienna could be one of those junction points. I find it hard to relax and recreation-filming helps me wind down, but I often take it too far and think of these elaborate ideas. All of a sudden this small film has been transformed into a cinematic masterpiece than I can use in my portfolio (in my head anyway).

And with that, enjoy the last video I will probably ever make in this style. Less films, less documenting what I do, but more quality, more thought and more importantly. Better films for you, the viewer, to enjoy. My workflow is getting a massive overhaul and I hope this is the start of good things to come.

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