My uncle and I – 2000

My name’s Kofi and I’ve loved to document things ever since I was a little kid. This could be drawing what I see, taking a photo ow writing it down. It was around the age of 13 where I started to mess with getting artistic, and it was when I was 15 that I really got serious about taking photos. Unlike music production, mountain-biking, and being a weird tech reviewer (those videos are long gone and were under the cringeworthy name of “touch4ghelp”), photography has been my good friend for 5 solid years now. I’ve learned some amazing techniques along the way and have bumped into other interests such as article writing and video creation.

I was born in London, yes the capital and its a fact I’m very proud of for some reason. I then lives with my mother for a large chunk of my life in Essex, before moving to Sussex with my father and then finally fleeing the nest to enter the big wild world of university. I went to college to study English language, business studies and photography. I’m currently at university doing a journalism degree. I’m doing this as it provides the skills I need for a variety of multimedia based careers that I can choose to go in to. I haven’t pinned down exactly what I want to do but there are some good ideas floating around.

Kofi Skingley S1604237Picture by Clint Randall www.pixelprphotography.co.uk
Picture by Clint Randall

Ever since I stepped foot in Iceland in 2013 I wanted to learn photography, the sheer beauty of the scenery made me want to be really good at taking photos. It wanted to be my hobby, my career. All I wanted was a nice shiny DSLR and most importantly, learn how to use it. In the end I got a D3200 and had it for 2 years, when I felt that I could get the most out of a better camera I upgraded to the D7100.

My love for creating video hadn’t properly hit me until I started at university in September 2016. I had messed about with iMovie and creating gag videos on Facebook before but once I saw what was capable in adobe premier I was hooked. I started to create my own little videos and put them together. From this, my foyer into the world of YouTube was born.

The YouTube Experiment

Between March 2016 and September 2016 I ran a little experiment where I would create vlogs, tutorials and reviews as a way to gain more knowledge in video creation. As with anything it there was ups and downs and there was times where I just worked too hard, but again this was all part of the Learning process. Here is the first ever Video I created

This does not mean the end of YouTube however, I just love it too much to leave it there. I plan to create more videos of the channel, just less of me. I am now reaching out to charities and organisations to see if I can make promotional videos for them as I really think at this stage, my creative talent shouldn’t be wasted on vlogs.