Cycling and Chlildhood: A freelance pitch

This is a pitch for a written feature for the publication Cycling Weekly, more specifically for Simon Richardson, the editor of Cycling Weekly and also a member of the Global Cycling Network team.

Subject Line – Freelance Opportunity: Is cycling being encouraged enough for children?

Hi Simon, I hope all is well.

I’m writing to you today to discuss an idea I have had, and as a freelance journalist, would like to pitch it to you.

The joy a child gets when they ride their first ever bike is truly magical. Not only does it make the child happy but it also teaches coordination, independence and a very basic level of mechanics. But for many kids this love fades quickly, their fast-developing minds become over-saturated with new stuff and the bike is often forgotten. I would like to produce a mid-length written feature for Cycling Weekly titled “A child’s first bike is a magical moment, but what about their second?.”

My feature would look at why for so many children the love for cycling may suddenly disappear and how as a cycling-enthusiast parent, you can bring that love back meaning you can create precious family time on two wheels. It will explore factors from various sources, including secondary opinions where necessary, and compile them together to help get an idea of what can be done to make cycling more appealing to middle-aged children. These factors could be external, for example there may not be sufficient places to ride a bike, or they could be more internal. An internal example could be if a parent has a “go hard or go home” attitude to their cycling, it may put off their child as they would see it as a gruelling workout, rather than fun.

I would like to talk to trainers and leaders of junior cycling clubs as well as parents who are keen on getting their children on the bike. I feel the cycling club would have an interesting opinion as the children there will already love cycling and I’d want to explore what made them that way.

I believe Cycling Weekly would be a great publication to host this feature. Although it may not be a topic that is consistently covered, your articles on beginner cycling and learning to ride a bike show that the concept wouldn’t be completely alien to the reader. Cycling Weekly’s press kit identifies the average age for readers to be 43. I feel this is the age that a parent would want to encourage their child to get into recreational cycling. The average age to become a parent varies from 30-33 meaning that readers with young children have potentially not only taught their son/daughter to ride a bike, but could also be outgrowing their first bike and such, are contemplating whether they should get another bike for their child and encourage them to ride.

I look forward to hearing from you and hope we can produce a great piece for the magazine and website.



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