Rap with consciousness: The best 7 songs to tackle serious issues.

n recent years many argue that mainstream rap and hip hop has declined in both meaning and message, people feel that rap music is all about drugs, money, cars and women. While this may be the case for a lot of tracks, rapping is another form of vocals just like singing. If you can sing about a wide variety of topics, why can't you rap about them as well?

Disney Acquires fox: are they a 21st Century Monopoly?

Featured photo by Travis Gergen Everyone has a favourite childhood memory. It could have been a holiday, it could have been a film, it could have even been a child’s first action figure. Considering how diverse the planet is it’s truly amazing that a sizeable chunk of these memories are most likely all connected to [...]

Is a Smart Home a dumb idea? I gave it a try

In the Christmas of 2016 I was bought an Amazon Echo Dot and I very much enjoyed it. I used it mostly to set alarms and play music. A function I had never used is turning the device into a voice controller for your smart home. Smart home technology has been around for a while [...]

Vertical Video: Creative tool or film-making apocalypse?

Featured Photo byJacob Morch With the first motion picture being recorded in 1888, and the first widescreen one being developed in 1897, what we now like to call “videos“ are part of everyone’s life whether they like it or not. Moving images have become such a huge binding in the book we call life, just [...]

Logic steps aside for alter-ego Bobby in his new mix tape.

Bobby Tarantino II is the 7th mix tape to come from Maryland rapper Logic and the 2nd to feature his arrogant and aggressive character, Bobby Tarantino. While his albums portray a certain message such as being able to do anything or that everyone is equal, this style of music is more "turn-up" meaning the lyrics [...]

Logic: Profile

Born Sir Robert Bryson Hall II, Logic is the Maryland rapper that has recently hit double platinum and was a nominee for Song of the Year at the Grammy’s. We look at Bobby’s life before fame and how his underground rap career made him a Hip-Hop superstar. You probably know him as the “1-800 guy” [...]