Building Circles: The collaborative project

I have been working closely with Building Circles Gloucestershire. They are a charity designed to help adults with learning disabilities find themselves through social events, days out and more. to find out more about the charity please visit their website.

Cheltenham’s Charlie Chaplin mural gets a brand new paint job

24 Years ago, Steve Cowlishaw walked past the Gloucester Road Bridge with a handful of pupils from Belmont School. Little did Steve know that what those young people said would inspire him to create one of the longest lasting and iconic pieces of public art in Cheltenham. The Charlie Chaplin mural, which was inspired by the pupil’s ideas, has been in Cheltenham since 1994 but in recent years the harshness of nature has put the artwork into a state beyond repair.

Gloucester City Mission: Serving Christ in the City

"What would you do if you arrived for a church service and found someone sleeping rough in the car park surrounded by empty bottles? Would you help them or tell them to move on? How would you react if you then discovered that person was the speaker?"